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MORTLACH       the German side.

The page of the Speyside whisky with a special feeling.

Sorry but the rest of the side is in German language
Here you only can find out how terrible my English is and what you can find on the other sides.

But Special the archive is possibly very interesting for you because you can find a list of Mortlach bottlings. But the Notes from my Tastings are also only in German.

Maybe there will be a time when I change ist into the English Language.

Enjoy your reading, enjoy it with au dram of Mortlach

What can I find where:

News Internal and External, about the Destillerie and new Bottlings in the market 

Something about the time line and the history of this Scottish distillery at: History

For the specific production of the living water at Mortlach : Distillation

Under : Who's Who ? You can find information about the page holder and the Crazy – Mortlach – fan and how he and it came.

How much Mortlach bottlings there are and how they taste ?
Look in the archives
There is a list, and other links to pictures and Tastingnotes.

Writing @ Mortlach see several reports in the literature. (Still in progress!)

In which blends you can search found Mortlach Whisky : Mortlach in blends

Other  (Sonst.) Distilleries. You can find here Whiskys that you could or should try.

At Friends & Maltisten you can find Friends an my Whisky Club the “Maltisten”

Linklist and banner exchange at: Links & Rechts

A little over Scotland. (Particularly with images is still expanding)

Und was noch …
means “And what else ...” About fakes, fun, Chocolate by and with Mortlach.

In "Kontakt und Newsletters" can be found via this possibility of direct mail, and thus exclude also for the newsletter.

In the “Gästebuch” (guest book) I am happy to have comments or greetings.

On the Sitemap all sides can be seen, and the imprint is all about copyright and what is still to say.



M. Mattonet